Alongside photography, art is another passion of mine. These drawings have been created with the purpose of promoting art, stimulating creativity and to provide a form of entertainment during the Covid-19 lockdown, while at the same time hopefully raising awareness of the plight of our precious wildlife. As an extra activity, I'll post one or two questions under each image for you or your kids to try find the answers to. 

The drawings are free to download for personal use in the home or classroom. They may also be used for community projects to help create awareness of the need to protect our wildlife. The drawings may not be sold or redistributed for profit or be used commercially in any other way.

In return, all I ask is for you to please support one of the charities listed below, either through a donation or simply by sharing the good work that they do. Conservation organizations are in desperate need of funding in these trying times - now more than ever! Many are anticipating an increase in poaching activity (endangered species as well as bush meat poaching) due to increased poverty caused by the Covid-19 lockdown and general economic downturn. Many of these organizations play important roles in protecting our precious natural areas and wildlife so please support them however you can. Enjoy the drawings and stay safeā€¦. Chantelle

Our current fundraiser: Skydive for Rhinos

Care for Wild

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The Isibindi Foundation

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Wild Tomorrow Fund

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Project Rhino KZN

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